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[ Anything you want to share?! ] Topic:  4-Jan-2011 Jolly Thinkers (Wan Chai) Tuesday Night Boardgaming Group

無論你係新手或者得一個人,只要你想識朋友一起玩 boardgame,就歡迎你參加!
Come and join us. You can make new friends and enjoy happy boardgaming time.

Date: 4/1/2010 (tues) We will have regular gatherings every tuesday
Time: Starting from 7:30pm (You can come earlier if you want)

Venue: Jolly Thinkers (Wan Chai) 空中棋園 (灣仔)
Games: 3D Blokus, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Torres, Shadow Hunters.......... Settlers......

Charges: Basic Member $55; Buddy Member $50 (First two hours and a $30 drink included)

Please send a message to me if you want to join. Pls mention what kind of games you like to play and your phone no.

Feel free to contact us through facebook or phone us at 2527-2882, if you have any enquiry.